iPhone 5 is on the WAY!

  30. April 2011 05:05 NewRelese


You just got your new iPhone 4? Well, don’t worry you still have time to enjoy using your new iPhone 4! Apple has just announced that the iPhone 5 release date will be around Sept 2011 or early 2012. The new iPhone will be having many improvements and of course some new features.  


Iphone 5's main features are:

  • Storage Capacity: you will be able to store more data such pictures, music, and some other files. As we all know that for all the previous iPhones, the smallest memory size is 16GB, but for the new iPhone 5, the smallest memory size will be 32GB!
  • Face Recognition: YES! Now you don’t have to be worry anymore if someone stole your mobile because it won’t be unlocked by the one who stole it! No one would be able to unlock your phone until the Face Recognition system detects the shape of your face!
  • New shape: the iPhone 5 will be designed in a way that looks very thin and unlike any previous model.
  • Longer battery life
  • Video Chat: I guess the idea is adopted from the iPad 2. It will have a camera set in the front to let the user enjoy video chatting with others.
  • GPS: The GPS will be built in so you will never be lost!


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