Hello Everyone!

The BLender brings you this year's Spring and Summer Fashion Trends! 



[BLender Whisper]: It's an Invasion of Bright Colors!!


Ladies are shinning with bright and colorful jeans and pants!


Stripes or plain tops goes with those bright color jean's, pants or capri pants!


In order to go with this season's new look, you need to be wearing Cat Eye Sunglasses.


It's your own choice to either wear Kitten Heels or Clogs to go with your style.

But what about your hair style? Don't worry!! We got that too!!


You can either chose:

  • Bob wih Fringes/ bangs.
  • The regular Fringes/ bangs.
  • You can also add your own curly style to it.

As for the hair colors, This year's most recommended colors are Red, Chocolate and White Blonde!




MEN 2011


[BLender Whisper]: It's either simple or SIMPLE!!!!!!!


Now It's time to show you Men's latest styles for spring/ summer 2011


This year's theme is "SIMPLE!"  Button down with rolled up sleeves, shorts with a print of some sort with either deck shoes or loafers worn.


You can also wear Flared Jeans, Chambray shirt, Boat shoes, Summer sweater, Selvedge denim, Espadrilles and last but not least Brazilian-made Huarache loafers!


The Most recommended colors are Orange & BLue ( Most designers mix them Together!) 


As for men's latest hairstyles, the blenders already chose for you 2011's hottest hairstyles!


That's pretty much it!!! ....We Hope you like the trends!

Have a wonderful, bright & colorful Spring& Summer!!

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Posted on Sunday, 12 June 2011 21:19

Looks so bright

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