Rice Stories Kuwait

  1. November 2015 11:38

Hey K-towners, I got you a new home restaurant in Kuwait called 'Rice Stories'. For those who are in love with all kinds of rice dishes, this restaurant is specifically for you. All orders are via whatsapp only.

The prices seem fair, but the quality of the food is definitly worth every K.D.


السلام جمعيا، يبتلكم مطعم جديد تحت عنوان قصص عيش او رايس ستوريس، المطعم حق اللي يحبون العيوش و هالسوالف، الاكل لذيــــــذ والسعر مناسب. للتواصل بس عن طريق الواتساب، اتمنى يعجبكم


 CONTACT DETAILS: +96560382760


Check out the pics:


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Le Menar London

  30. November 2014 11:39 WhatsHot

Hello Everyone! 

While I was roaming around the city of London, I came across this new modern Arabian restaurant under the name of Le Menar. The food is seriously amazing! Its a modern cuisine fused with an Arabian taste, something i've never tasted before. I really recommend it to whoever is in London or perhaps whenever you're there, you guys should really give it a try. 

I've attached couple of photos for you to see. 




55 Cleveland Street | London | W1T4JL

Tel: 020-7436-8916

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  23. November 2013 15:30 Event

Dear Bloggers & All,

This is an open invitation for you & all bloggers to attend a New Kuwaiti Campaign launch event that will take place next month at GUST, Kuwait on the 4th of December 2013.


This Campaign aims to rase awareness, and educate the new Kuwaiti and Arab generations and all non-Arab societies. The aim is to remind us of Kuwait's History and make us more familiar with it by idenitifying important people who have added a lot to our Identity as Kuwaitis and Arabs. It promotes the successful stages of the Country and Individuals who worked or still working so hard to mark great places in all of our hearts. From our beloved Sheikhs to motivated and talented individuals in all fields.


[BLENDER SHOUT] Thank you for making us PROUD! & Goodluck to all of those who have been working on this campaign. 

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Cottage Bakery

  21. January 2013 16:26 WhatsHot

Have you guys heard of Cottage Bakery?


It's one of the most recent talk-abouts in K-TOWN, so we had to try it after all, and let me tell you this,


You guys really have to try their Mona Lisa Cake!, Victoria Cake and their amazing Rose Cake! Their desserts are phenomenal!

Check out their pics!









[Blender Support!]: "All the Best for Cottage Bakery Staff!"

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  12. September 2012 12:16 WhatsHot


it is 12 / 09/ 12 

IPHONE 5 is here...


  • iPhone 5 costs $199 for the 16GB version, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB. Pre-orders start on Friday 14th, with the phone shipping on September 21st in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. 20 more countries will follow next month.
  • Measuring 7.6mm thick and weighing 112 grams, making it 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. As per usual, it'll be available in two colours too, either black or white. 
  • Retina display with 326ppi again features, in a 4-inch screen of the usual width, but taller than previous iPhones. Resolution of the display sits at 1136 x 640. Closer to a 16:9 ratio than before, the iPhone 5 is now better for viewing films on, with 44% better colour saturation, with touch integrated into the display to reduce glare in sunlight.
  • 22% smaller and more energy efficient than the previous chip, apps can now load as much as 2x faster. Console-quality graphics will be possible, according to EA's Rob Murray, who demoed the Real Racing 3 app game on the new iPhone 5.
  • iOS 6 is the onboard operating system, which adds another row of apps on each homescreen. 

  • iPhone 5 has a Longer screen, making for five app rows, plus the app dock on the bottom.It also introduces Apple's own Maps app to the iPhone as a native. 3D imagery and satellite imagery too. Passbook, letting you use your iPhone as a ticketing system, including airline flights, was also demoed. iTunes too gets a major revamp, with more ways to buy and streamlined track viewing and playback options.
  • Camera is still 8MP backside illuminated sensor as with the iPhone 4S, but now with a dynamic low-light mode for better night time shooting to add to the 5-element lens and f/2.4 aperture. There's also a panorama shooting mode natively built into the camera app for the first time, with a 360-degree shot resulting in a giant 28 megapixel image. The A6 chip allows for faster photo capture too, as well as a smart filter for better colour matching and reduced noise. Share Photo Streams allow you to share photos with pals, and receive messages on your snaps too.
  • Video capture remains at 1080p, with improved video stabilisation and facial recognition added. The front facing camera also jumps to 720p, which makes for sharper FaceTime calls, which can now be made over cellular networks too, as well as Wi-Fi.
  • A new "Lightning" connector is now introduced, that's 80% smaller, helping to keep the overall design smaller, as well as offering faster data transfers, and is "reversible", meaning it can be plugged in when either facing the front or back.


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James Mcavoy in Edinburgh

  12. March 2012 12:47 Gossips

[BLender Whisper]: Spotted, James Mcavoy in Edinburgh!

While I was walking in Edinburgh, I suddenly saw a lot of people gathered in one spot. I then asked a couple about what's going on and they said "they're shooting a Hollywood movie". The Movie is called "FILTH". There were many fans standing around watching. As i was getting closer, i glanced over at the actor, and it was James Mcavoy! I wanted to go closer but the security pushed me away.

I only came out with these pictures. Check them out!

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Snow Car by CU Students

  9. February 2012 09:56 Articles

It was snowing in UK a couple of days ago, i wanted to publish this post earlier, but i was busy working on my class assignment.


Anyways, I took some pictures and thought I would share with you guys…


but one thing that really amazed me was this snow car! that was made by Coventry University students!

laying on top of the frozen canal!

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Flashmob in Kuwait!

  3. February 2012 07:22 Energy

Finally, a flashmob! in Avenues mall, Kuwait!


God Bless Kuwait!

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Make way HA! HA!

  26. January 2012 09:10 Gossips

I think she's the cutest old lady ever! lol

but...excuse me Ma'am, where the hell do you think you're going!?Laughing

...يا ربي جنه بعيد...شسوي؟ شكله طريج على ما اوصل الا طالعه روحي

طاااااط طااااااااط! وخراااو انت وياها..هذي متعة التسوق ولا بلاش

الله يكسر بخاطركم مثل ما كسرتوا بخاطري...يا ربي مالي خلق امشي...زين اكو فاليه؟

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Zuma Restaurant Knightsbridge

  22. January 2012 10:33 WhatsHot

I know a lot of you guys have been to Zuma Restaurant in Knightsbridge, London, and many other didn't.

Well today was my first time to check out Zuma, and let me say this... I LOVED IT! I've tried many different cuisine, but this one became one of my favourite restaurants. It's a must try! Definitely worth it.

The interior is modern, yet very simple and classy. The staff were really friendly and their service was quite good. Overall, the food was amazing, and everything I tried was delicious.

WaterMelon juice

Loved the crunchy squids!

Juicy beef rolls!

The lobester popcorn is a must try!

Loved their sushi rolls!

and their beef steaks!

Their fish tastes so good!




Click to check out their Website


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